City Ordinance 918


Key Lock Box System

  1. The following structures shall be equipped with a key lock box at or near the main entrance or such other location required by the fire chief.
    1. commercial or industrial structures protected by an automatic alarm system or automatic suppression system, or such structures that are secured in a manner that restricts access during an emergency.
    2. multi-family residential structures that have restricted access through locked doors and have a common corridor for access to the living units;
    3. governmental structures and nursing care facilities.
  2. The key lock box shall be located:
    1. at or near the recognized public entrance, adjacent to the fire annunciator panel, on the exterior of the structure, or above the Fire Department Connection, when occupancy is serviced by fire sprinkler system and/or fire alarm system approved by the Madison Fire Department;
    2. the lock box shall be located at a height of not less than five (5) feetand not more than ten (10) feet above final grade;
    3. no steps, displays, signs or other fixtures, or structure protrusions shall be located under the box which would allow intruders to access the box without assistance.
  3. All newly constructed structures subject to this section shall have the key lock box installed and operational prior to the issuance of an occupancy permit. All structures in existence on the effective date of this section and subject to this section shall have one year from the effective date of this section to have a key lock box installed and operational.
  4. The fire chief shall designate the type of key lock box system to be implemented within the city and shall have the authority to require all structures to use the designated system.
  5. The owner or operator of a structure required to have a key lock box shall, at all times, keep a key in the lock box that will allow for access to the structure.
  6. The fire chief shall be authorized to implement rules and regulations for the use of the lock box system.
  7. Any person who owns or operates a structure subject to this section shall be subject to the penalties set forth in Ordinance 873 Section V for any violation of this section.