Critical Care

After extensive training, testing and certification, the Madison Fire Department is excited to announce the availability of patient transports at the Critical Care Paramedic level. With the Critical Care Paramedic certification, a Registered Nurse is no longer required to accompany the patient and crew on transports (see list of assessments/interventions below). Critical Care Paramedics are able to provide advanced clinical patient assessments and provide invasive care beyond the standard scope of practice of ALS Paramedics.

Our Critical Care Paramedics are specialized providers that have understanding of both prehospital and hospital settings, and use that understanding to provide the highest level of care to critical patients during transport. The following is a list of services that our Critical Care Paramedics are able to offer:



Interpretation of blood gas analysis

Interpretation of diagnostic lab work

Invasive hemodynamic monitoring

Assessment/monitoring of arterial/central lines

Use of Doppler

Use of ultrasound

Interpretation of diagnostic imaging

Assisting with intracranial pressure monitoring

Use of Capnography and Capnometry

Assessment and transport of transvenous andepicardial pacemakers




BiPap, CPAP, SIMV, A/C, Pressure Support, etc…

Assisting with chest tube placement

PEEP ≥ 6 mmHg

Assisting with Intra-aortic Balloon Pumps

Assisting with pericardiocentisis

Assisting with central line placement

Assisting with umbilical catheterization

Administering medications not in ALS Paramedic formulary

Administering medications via IV pump

Administering blood & blood products

Administering plasma volume expanders

Urinary catheterization

NG/OG tube placement and maintenance

Give us a call the next time you need a Critical Care level transport, and we’ll make sure your hospital and the patient being transported are well taken care of. We look forward to working with you in the future.